15 juni 2023

Application Example of Z-θ Actuator: Wafer Transfer

Introducing an application example of our Demonstration unit of Wafer Handling (Transfer & Ion Implantation) in semiconductor production process by Belt Drive Z-θ Actuator. Deploying 2pcs of Belt Drive Z-θ Actuator with Motor layout position shift design version, while keeping the overall height of demonstration unit low, it performs and demonstrates 3 function Z-θ Actuator as Linear Motion, Rotation, and, Vacuum in the very limited compact space.

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12 mei 2023

Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch! / Thank you for your visit! ** PCIM 2023**

Die PCIM 2023 ist vorüber und es war gut, so viele neue Geschäftspartner zu begegnen und bekannte Gesichter willkommen zu heißen!

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13 april 2023

WA3000 - April: Dynetics Super quiet and powerful blowers and centrifugal fans

WA3000 - April: Dynetics Super quiet and powerful blowers and centrifugal fans

More info:

open WA3000 magazine

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30 maart 2023

Nidec Servo New D1225R Series

Nidec Servo New D1225R Series

Low noise, High airflow, IP68 with optional PWM control

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21 maart 2023

New Dynetics Fans & Blowers catalog

Dynetics released the new fans & Blowers catalog v7 2023

you can download the PDF file via this LINK

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03 december 2022


Nippon Pulse offers a variety of motion control products that are perfect for the lab automation market. We offer standard and custom tin-can stepper motors, linear servo motors and linear stages, as well as electronics to drive them. Our products are designed for easy modification, in order to provide you with custom solutions at off-the-shelf prices.


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01 december 2022

KSS Compact electric gripper demo

KSS Compact electric grippers have a light and compact design and allow multi-point positioning, gripping force control, and centering.

The grippers are equipped with a bidirectional ball screw, powered by a hollow shaft step motor equiped with a linear encoder for position feedback.

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30 september 2022

MOTEK News!!

Dynetics will be present at the motek 04 - 07 .10 2022
Exhibition hall 1 – Booth 1220
We are looking forward to meet you there!!

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13 september 2022

Leader Follower with Reaction Force Feedback

Dynetics distributes Nippon Pulse MTL motors and is pleased to present this Leader/Follower with haptics demo. MTL's compact motors provide gearless construction for smooth, quiet operation.

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21 juni 2022

New generation of box-level motion controllers CMD-4EX

Nippon Pulse is excited to announce its new generation of box-level motion controllers, the Commander box (CMD-4EX).

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14 juni 2022

Lineaire servo motoren van Nippon Pulse: Nauwkeurig en compact

Artikel Vakblad Aandrijven & Besturen:

Lineaire servo motoren van Nippon Pulse: Nauwkeurig en compact

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13 juni 2022

KSS Compact Electric Gripper

Lightweight and compact Electric Gripper that uses the world's smallest class KSS Bi-directional Ball Screw. 

To be compact design, Multi-point positioning, Gripping force control, Centering and Measuring dimension are possible.

compact design, W62mm X H70mm (finger included) X D25mm

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26 april 2022

Nippon Pulse Kompakter Linearer Servomotor

Nippon Pulse Kompakter Linearer Servomotor in Meditronic Journal

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12 april 2022

KSS 30mmLead Rolled Ball Screw for high speed applications

Introducing the new KSS 30mm lead Rolled Ball Screw series with 13mm shaft.

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10 april 2022

Nidec Servo Motors with Can-Bus

Nidec Servo Corporation has launched the world’s first* brushless DC motors equipped with Can-Bus.

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01 april 2022

Dynetics newsletter April 2022

* Launch of new website:
* PCIM Fair 10-12-05-2022
- More pressure and air flow with Nidec Servo axial fans with integrated pressure chamber  
- Linear Servo motors by Nippon Pulse
- Waterproof / ATEX fans (IP68 up)

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30 maart 2022

Article: Encoder advancements enhance motor technologies

Encoder advancements enhance motor technologies

Controllers capable of receiving high-resolution feedback

Nippon pulse's applications engineer Paul Denman answered questions for an article in Control Design; questions such as, "What have been the biggest improvements to motors and drives in the past five years?" and "How have motors and drives benefitted from remote monitoring and connectivity?" Check out his thoughts on future innovation, and the most efficient applications he's seen.

Read the piece at Control Design >

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22 maart 2022

Linear shaft motors

The linear servo motor is a high-precision direct-drive motor. The linear motor consists of a shaft with rare earth iron-boron-neodymium permanent magnets and a runner made of cylindrical coil windings. The shaft provides the magnetic fields on which the runner acts. The driver assembly in combination with the amplifier and the control electronics generates the power for the motor. A small current generates a great force.

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22 maart 2022


Der lineare Servomotor ist ein hochpräziser direktangetriebener Motor. Der Linearmotor besteht aus einer Welle mit Seltenerden Eisen-Bor-Neodym-Dauermagneten sowie einem Laufer aus zylindrischen Spulenwicklungen. Die Welle sorgt für die magnetischen Felder, auf die der Laufer wirkt. Die Treiberbaugruppe in Kombination mit dem Verstärker und der Steuerelektronik erzeugt die Kraft für den Motor. Ein kleiner Strom erzeugt eine große Kraft.

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02 maart 2022

Waterproof fans (IP68)

In the size 80x80x38mm, Dynetics offers the DYD8038V12MBD-K-PWM-IP68, as a waterproof fan with an variable speed control (PWM),which can further reduce power consumption and noise (especially advantageous in the idle mode of a device).

The power supply is 12V/DC and provides 78.8 CFM with 19.3 mmH2O

The fan is ball bearing based and supplied with 300mm lead wire

Material from the fan blades and venturi:  Thermoplastic PBT, UL94V-0

Operating temperature: -10°C to + 70°CInsulation resistance:  10M  Ω  min. @500 VDC

Dielectric strength: 5mA Max at 500 VAC for 1 minute

Weight: 177.6 g 

According to customer requirements, fans can be equipped with intelligence (like speed monitoring; Alarm function at low seed level) and with options such as customized solutions and mechanical  adjustments (lead wire, connector, etc.)The fans are  RoHs compliance and available  in  different  supply voltages

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15 februari 2022

Nidec Servo axial fans with integrated pressure chamber

The G series axial fan with pressure chamber still remains where a certain volume flow is required at high back pressure is necessary.The integrated pressure chamber with stationary blades ensures that there is much more pressure and volume flow at the operating point and that the fans perform above average.In contrast to centrifugal fans, where the flow direction swirls centrifugally, the outgoing air flow flows  effectively and  straight to the screw-on flange.The new G-Fan series shows that energy can be saved.First and foremost are performance, reliability and a long service life. The fan has an aluminum housing (Venturi) to cool the powerful motor, ensuring a service life of at least 100,000 hours at 40°C.Available are the fans with dimensions of □92x38mm; □120x38mm; □134x38mm; and  Φ172 mm diameterpressure

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14 februari 2022

Introduction of KSS PSR Series

The KSS PSR Series is a model that has realized the precision grade JIS C5 accuracy, while conventional Rolled Ball Screws come with C7 and C10. This has been achieved by KSS’s many years of manufacturing experience and technical know-how accumulated through years. 

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11 februari 2022


Dynetics presents the SOMANET servo drives from Synapticon: Integrated Motion for Robotics, Machine Building and Autonomous Industrial Systems.

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27 januari 2022

KSS CGS Series Compact Electric Gripper

Lightweight and compact Electric Gripper that uses the world's smallest class Bi-directional KSS Ball Screw in it. Even it is built in Ball Screw, the compact design, W62mm X H70mm (finger included) X D25mm is achieved.

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26 januari 2022

SX060 Linear servo motor ideal suited for constructions with limited space

Nippon Pulse Motor (NPM), has expanded its range of linear servo motors with a very compact version, ideal for applications with limited space (9mm pitch).

The miniature linear motor of the SX060 series can provide power up to 14Nm.

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26 januari 2022

Introducing Nippon Pulse COMMANDER core, a four-axis hybrid IC

The CMD-4EX-CR is Suitable as Compact programmable module to be integrated as a centerpiece on your circuit board, and offers the capability to run up to 4 axes preventing a burden on both the CPU and the user, while allowing for a wide range of advanced motion control capabilities

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26 januari 2022

Nidec Servo KV42 and KF42 Hybrid stepper motors

KV42 and KF42 Hybrid stepper motors  •Higher maximum torque & speed •Quiet •Precision windings, outstanding stiffness •Improved dynamics •5 different sizes

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15 januari 2022

CML and Dynetics announces ultra-slim, high precision rotary actuator

CAMBRIDGE, England: Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd (CML), the world leader in the development of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators has developed a new ultra-slim, high precision rotary actuator product. The actuator characteristics include lightweight design, two thousand step positions per revolution and it is completely non-magnetic so can operate in areas of high magnetic flux that might otherwise exclude conventional motor technologies.

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14 januari 2022

Nippon Pulse Simple XYΘ stage

A Θ axis (MTL/NPM μDD motor) can be attached to the precision thin XY stage.
and can be used in a wide range of fields such as observation and measurement of minute objects.

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13 januari 2022


Dynetics presents the SOMANET servo drives from Synapticon: Integrated Motion for Robotics, Machine Building and Autonomous Industrial Systems.

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02 augustus 2021

Quiet fans for effective cooling, or ventilation:

Many devices with electronic components are becoming more and more powerful and have ever higher packing densities. Convection cooling is the most common solution, and the cheapest method, using air as a medium to dissipate heat with forced air movement. The often increased heat development of convection cooling requires more powerful fans, which, however, should always be quieter.

In order to meet these requirements, manufacturer Nidec supplies innovative fan blades with consistent vibration reduction of the motor.

Origin of the noise generated in the fan.

Noise is often generated by a combination of different conditions (air flow, commutation from the motor). Nidec Servo’s Measures to eliminate or reduce flow noise are based on extensive analyzes and are technically not a problem.

However, it is difficult to satisfy the users who feel disturbed by the noise emitted by the fans, which can usually be traced back to the fan motor.

This is often triggered by tones up to 1000 Hz. The disruptive frequencies are specifically avoided by the new concept based on the blade-shaped fans and reduction of the resonance noise of the motors used. The fan's brushless DC motor relies on a patented double damping unit, which also prevents the vibrations produced by the fan. The result is a vibration reduction of approx. 66% compared to conventional fans.

Thanks to this the Nidec Servo "Gentle Typhoon" fan is 5 dB quieter than conventional fans and, with an installation depth of 25 mm, offers the same air performance as a conventional 32mm fan.The 7 mm saved allows the designer to reduce the air resistance of the entire device, thus increasing the airflow and improving the cooling efficiency.Thanks to its driver ICs, the new highly efficient brushless motor offers an energy saving potential of approx. 30%. Depending on the customer's requirements, these fans can also be equipped with speed sensors.In the event of problems, they disconnect the system from the network and thus optimize the use of the device and its service life.

Other parameters also play an important role in the optimal selection of suitable fans:

Nidec also supplies centrifugal fans using the same efficient motors with integrated damping.

The available space, size, geometry and air flow are decisive in determining whether axial or centrifugal fans are used optimally.


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