KSS Compact Electric Gripper

KSS Compact Electric Gripper
CGS series

Lightweight and compact Electric Gripper that uses the world's smallest class KSS Bi-directional Ball Screw. 

To be compact design, Multi-point positioning, Gripping force control, Centering and Measuring dimension are possible.

compact design, W62mm X H70mm (finger included) X D25mm

- Utilize KSS miniature technology to achieve compactness and weight reduction.

- The combination of Ball Screw, DC Motor and Linear scale utilizes multi-point positioning drive and grip force control.

- It can be mounted from 4 sides as a flexible design.

- This design enables customers to allow regular maintenance (Motor replacement, Greasing)

- Manual opening/closing operation is possible.

- Centering and dimensional measurement are possible (only with our designated Driver.


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