SX060 Linear servo motor ideal suited for constructions with limited space

As an example, we have realized a reference design for computer-controlled pipettes with 8  simultaneous  channels, and based on the SX060 linear servo motor. The reference design is an example with which we have realized a flexible system with individual reproduceable pipetting channels, allowing to  automate effortless the processing of individual pipettes with more intelligent and flexibility, enabling an optimized throughput.

You can view the functionality of this reference design via Youtube:(

In this design each individual pipettes is easy to control and very precise by using our linear Servo motor together with FMAX as compact controller, the Commander hybrid module, and the Arcus CRX-8 driver.

The linear servo motor is a high-precision direct-driven motor.

The linear motor consists of a shaft with rare earths iron-bore neodymium permanent magnets and a runner of cylindrical coil windings.

There is no iron in the shaft or in the motor driver, which ensures high precision and cogging freedom. The coils themselves form the core and provides the motor his stiffness. Linear servo motors are contactless. Since the coil wraps completely around the magnets, the magnetic flux density is used effectively. This allows a large (0.5 to 5 mm) annular nominal air gap. This air gap is not critical, in the sense that there are no changes in force.

Along with the cylindrical design, through which the copper, the current and the magnetic field generate the force to 100% only in the direction of his travel with simultaneous moderate heat dissipating. The iron core also provides large absorbing forces between the stator and the valve and leads to cogging in the linear motion.

No lubrication/adjustment maintenance required: 

The linear servomotor does not require grease and shows no performance degradation due to wear/ageing. Its maintenance-free long service life contributes to a lifetime cost reduction.

In the table you meet the specifications of 3 examples :

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