Nidec Servo axial fans with integrated pressure chamber

The G series axial fan with pressure chamber still remains where a certain volume flow is required at high back pressure is necessary.The integrated pressure chamber with stationary blades ensures that there is much more pressure and volume flow at the operating point and that the fans perform above average.In contrast to centrifugal fans, where the flow direction swirls centrifugally, the outgoing air flow flows  effectively and  straight to the screw-on flange.The new G-Fan series shows that energy can be saved.First and foremost are performance, reliability and a long service life. The fan has an aluminum housing (Venturi) to cool the powerful motor, ensuring a service life of at least 100,000 hours at 40°C.Available are the fans with dimensions of □92x38mm; □120x38mm; □134x38mm; and  Φ172 mm diameterpressure

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30 september 2022

MOTEK News!!

Dynetics will be present at the motek 04 - 07 .10 2022
Exhibition hall 1 – Booth 1220
We are looking forward to meet you there!!

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13 september 2022

Leader Follower with Reaction Force Feedback

Dynetics distributes Nippon Pulse MTL motors and is pleased to present this Leader/Follower with haptics demo. MTL's compact motors provide gearless construction for smooth, quiet operation.

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21 juni 2022

New generation of box-level motion controllers CMD-4EX

Nippon Pulse is excited to announce its new generation of box-level motion controllers, the Commander box (CMD-4EX).

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14 juni 2022

Lineaire servo motoren van Nippon Pulse: Nauwkeurig en compact

Artikel Vakblad Aandrijven & Besturen:

Lineaire servo motoren van Nippon Pulse: Nauwkeurig en compact

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