Leader Follower with Reaction Force Feedback

Dynetics distributes Nippon Pulse MTL motors and is pleased to present this Leader/Follower with haptics demo. MTL's compact motors provide gearless construction for smooth, quiet operation.

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03 december 2022


Nippon Pulse offers a variety of motion control products that are perfect for the lab automation market. We offer standard and custom tin-can stepper motors, linear servo motors and linear stages, as well as electronics to drive them. Our products are designed for easy modification, in order to provide you with custom solutions at off-the-shelf prices.


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01 december 2022

KSS Compact electric gripper demo

KSS Compact electric grippers have a light and compact design and allow multi-point positioning, gripping force control, and centering.

The grippers are equipped with a bidirectional ball screw, powered by a hollow shaft step motor equiped with a linear encoder for position feedback.

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18 november 2022

Precisionfair 2022

We look back on a successful exhibition during the last 2 days at the precision fair in Den Bosch. We would like to thank everyone for coming, aslo on behalf of our parther KSS.

It was good to meet so many new business partners and welcome familiar faces!

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11 november 2022

SPS 2022

Die SPS 2022 ist vorüber und wir, möchten uns ganz herzlich für Ihren Besuch auf unserem Messestand bedanken. Es war gut, so viele neue Geschäftspartner zu begegnen und bekannte Gesichter willkommen zu heißen!

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