Small High performance Dynetics DC fans with IP68 Protection

Small High performance Dynetics DC fans with IP68 Protection 


Dynetics represents a broad range of axial- and radial-fans with an AC or DC- power supply: The fans combine long life with high reliability. See for instance the L10 curves of selected fans showing 100.000 hrs at 20° C and 40.000 hrs at 60° C Whether your application request a very silent fan (gentle Typhoon) or compact fans with very high pressure by an integrated pressure chambre (G-Type) we offer the right fans.  Options:  The DC fans and blowers can also have functions that send an alarm signal when the fan motor revolutions slow down (i.e. lock detection, pulse output, speed detection). These fans offer standard a pulse width modulation (PWM) speed control and speed sensor. The variable speed operation is possible by means of a PWM input signal, resulting in further reduction of the power consumption and noise, as requested during idling. Also enviromental protection in IP classes is available. 

For instance the DYN4020 series;   

DYN4020 series  

- axial fans - sizes 40x 40 x 20mm 

- The BLDC fans are light weight (22,5g), 300mm leadwire, 

- ball bearing based (optional with sleeve bearing),

These fans are ideal for compact electric instruments and local cooling in harsh enviroments where IP68 is a MUST. We can also customized the fan, like harness wire, different lead length, connector,  

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