Precision Rolled Ball Screws



 is a manufacturer of Ball Screws & Actuators, especially for miniature size, which is 16mm or less of shaft diameter. KSS designs, develops, and manufactures Miniature Ball Screws, Miniature Actuators and their related products, with focus on Miniature size. KSS Miniature Ball screws or Actuators are used for production machine of Semi-conductor or Liquid Crystal, Inspection apparatus, and Machine Tool and so on. Recently KSS has been widening their usage for Medical apparatus, Robot, Food machine, Injection molding machine, Aerospace and Automobile industry. 2D,3D CAD download KSS Offer 2D, 3D CAD downloads of all products. 

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PSR/PSRT series Precision Rolled Ball Screws

 High accuracy (JIS C5) has been achieved by Rolled Ball Screw. We provide Rolled Ball Screws with high precision & better cost performance, which can be replaced with conventional Ground Ball Screw with C5 grade.

We have 2 types of Precision Rolled Ball Screws:

  • Integrated type with larger journal (PSRT) 

  • whole threaded length type (PSR)

Customized Design

for special specifications like below, please contact Dynetics.

  1. Non‐standard profile or dimension on Shaft end‐journal.
  2. Non‐standard profile or dimension on Ball Nut or Flange.
  3. Zero backlash (Pre‐loaded) type Ball Screw.
  4. Longer length of Ball Screw Shaft than standard product.


  1. Zero backlash is possible by your request, please ask Dynetics
  2. We recommend additional end-journal machining is done by KSS. We do not guarantee accuracy after re-works done by other than KSS.
  3. Please send us drawing with end-journal profile when you request end-journal machining.
  4. Additional machining is not applied to the Nut.
  5. Please design flange configuration according to our standard dimension.
  6. In Ball Screws use, lubricant should be applied on them. Please note that anti-rust oil is not lubricant.
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Precision Rolled Ball Screws


  • The conventional type of Rolled Ball Screws can reach the Accuracy grade of Ct10 or Ct7. KSS newly developed the high grade accuracy of Rolled Ball Screw, which can achieve JIS C5 grade.
  • We have 2 types of Precision Rolled Ball Screws, which are Integrated type with larger journal and whole threaded type. So it provides wide variety of design choices.
  • For Integrated end-journal type, Fixed side end-journal can be set larger than nominal diameter of Screw Shaft, so there is no need to use Collar by press fit.
  • Fixed side End-journal profile and dimension are standardized, so KSS Compact Support-Unit can be installed.
  • Since supported-side end-journal is unfinished, it is possible to do additional end machining with your requested thread length.
  • Special end-journal profile can be available as customized order.
  • Whole threaded type is a high cost performance type and end-journal machining is available in accordance with your request.
  • The Axial play is set at 5um or less, but Zero backlash is possible based on your request


Accuracy Grade & Axial play

  • The grade of PSR/PSRT series is C5 (JIS B 1192-3).
  • Axial play of this series is 0.005mm or less, but zero backlash (pre-load) type is available by your request.


Material & Surface hardness

The material and hardness of PSR/PSRT series


Standardized Precision Rolled Ball Screws whole threaded length type (PSR Series) will be supplied with antirust oil. This oil is not lubricant, when Ball Screw operates, lubricant should be applied. If there is no specific instruction, KSS would recommend our original grease (MSG No.2) as standard lubricant.

Please feel free to contact us.


PSR/PSRT series provide 3 types of Ball Nut profile. 

Standard are:

  • Return-plate style 
  • End-cap style 
  • In addition Internal-Deflector style as Compact Ball Nut is also stock items. 

 Integrated journal type:

  Whole threaded type


  1. The detail of end-journal dimension for each size are shown in the PDF-File that you can download from documents.
  2. KSS does not make additional Nut machining.
  3. The specification is subject to change without notice.
  4. For other configuration please contact us.
  5. KSS will not be responsible for quality, in case re-work is done by other than KSS.



Precision Rolled Ball Screws


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