linear stepping motors

KSS Linear Actuators

KSSdeveloped the Linear Actuator equipped with Miniature Ball Screw.

KSS is the only manufacturer who lined-up all three (3) Ball Screw types of Actuator, which are Captive, Non-Captive and External type.
They are more efficient than lead screw type, reducing the energy consumption.


•Compared to Lead Screw type, Ball Screw type is more efficient and saves energy consumption during its operation.

•Compactness of Miniature Ball Screw helps to reduce number of parts and saves the space.

•Ball Screw can estimate its lifetime, therefore the most appropriate size can be recommended depending on the operating condition by customer request.

•Motor uses NEMA11 and NEMA17, which are widely available of Ball Screw type and lead selection, and realizes the best choice of the most appropriate model.

•Captive type realized the compact design due to self anti-rotating device installed, with combination of our Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP) and newly designed Hollow Motor.


KSSLinearActuator equipped with Hollow Motor which is developed with Motormanufacturer, combined with our Miniature Ball Screw or our innovational Ball Screw with
Ball Spline (BSSP). The Outer diameter of the Ball Nut is larger than those Lead Screw Nut, so larger hollow hole for the motor is required. In this time, we designed the motor
with larger hollow hole by not lowering its torque, and combined with our Ball Screw with Ball Spline (BSSP) integrated into motor unit, these merging technology realized Ball Screw
type of Captive Linear Actuator. BSSP spline Nut works as anti-rotating device for Captive type.


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