FCC-Stepping motors

FeCrCo-Magnet Stepping motors

Nidec Servo introduced a new generation of hybrid steppingmotors, who function without the expensive rare earth magnet.

Tight supply and increasing prices of rare-earth magnetic materials compelled engineers to rethink their motors and search for alternative solutions. Permanent magnet is the basis for creating compact and lighter motors with increased performance, assembled on an efficient way. These advantages certainly made rare-earth elements dominant in servo motors the past few years The target for the suppliers of motors was aimed at delivering benefits similar to those provided by rare-earth elements. Now, the forecast is favorable, both in magnetic material price trends and in the returns on investment for the development work done during the tough market. Nidec Servo was successful in finding an alternative source! As expansion to their existing lines of Nema17 (size 42mm) motors, Nidec Servo introduced the KH42-B900-FCC-family. The motors are based on FeCrCo-Magnet material. The FeCrCo-Magnets show a high performance in magnet field together with an extreme high accuracy in mechanical dimensions. As result, these FCC-motors show an almost equivalent performance to the known KH42-family of stepping motors.


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