HM545 & Slider SFX - The all-in-one solution for desktop CNC machining and handling




Slider SFX - The all-in-one solution for desktop CNC machining and handling!


Slider SFX (standard version) with integrated power supply


HEM545 1-channel driver


Everything you need on just one board:

The stepper motor driver "Slider SFX" integrates all functions needed for a 3 axes desktop cnc machine or a 3 axes handling system. 5 logic inputs for end or reference switches (or tool sensor) and 3 relay outputs are included. If necessary, a 4th axis can be added with an optional cable. The integrated power supply makes it possible to drive the board from a simple transformer or a single voltage switching power supply.

For heavy duty use (environment temperatures up to 70°C) the HT version is available. A CNC machined aluminium housing and a matching switch and connector set are also available.

It was never easier to build up a complete 3 axes stepper motor controller!!


  • 3 channels (optional 4) up to 3A per phase
  • fullstep tp 1/16- or 1/10 microstep
  • phase current and step width adjusted with DIP switches
  • power supply included, runs with only one supppy voltage (DC or AC)
  • motor outputs protected agains shorted coils to ground and between coils
  • 3 relays for switching functions (each max. 6A)
  • analog output (0-10V/0-5V) to control main spindle speed with PWM input
  • safty function protects relays and motor drivers against unintended movements (software support necessary)
  • logic TTL compatible (5Volt)
  • connectable to PC printer port or microcontroller
  • compatible to common CNC software (WinPCNC, Mach3, PC-Dreh, EMC and many others
  • compact size: 150*130mm

Download PDF-file:

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