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Nippon Pulse introduces four-axis FMAX box controller with built-in driver

Va. – Nippon Pulse is excited to announce its first box-level controller to join its chip and board controller product lines.
The FMAX-4X-2SD is a box controller for up to four axes of movement, with built-in servo drivers for the X and Y axes.
The X and Y axes can control rotary and linear brushless motors, such as Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor servo; the Z and U axes can control other types of motors by connecting additional drivers.
The FMAX controller is capable of performing 2-4 axis linear interpolation and 2 axis circular interpolation. It also features 13 types of homing, on-the-fly speed and positioning adjustments,
absolute and incremental positioning, and S-curve and trapezoidal motion profiles. The FMAX is ideal for controlling applications that involve linear stages and robotics, including microscopes,
scanners and other high-performance applications. The controller box can be built into a fully functioning two-axis system with just a power supply, motor and cable. It can also
function as a standalone unit, with a USB connection to a PC, or with a joystick for jog applications. For more information about the FMAX and its capabilities, contact Dynetics.



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