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Textile mechnics & Footwear machinery

Solutions for Textile Mechanics and Footwear Machinery

According to Dynetics experience, the industrial textile machinery sector is listed among the largest and most complex areas within industrial automation. Common problems in this area are the high execution speed combined with a difficult control of the motors working temperature. From this point of view our catalog includes also motor versions built with magnetic low-loss material and low rotor inertia for fast accelerations. The high performances obtained by using our solution packages result from a long research to material use and appropriate technologies.

Case History - Thread Winding Machines

Yarn guide for yarn winding
The preparation of yarn reels for dyeing, knitting, hosiery and textile, depending on the winding angle, is possible using the following three methods: random crossing, precision crossing and step precision crossing. Moreover, Ever Elettronica solution allows to obtain an excellent and uniform reel density, by checking with its own f4d2 firmware acceleration and deceleration ramps, electric current in the motor windings to avoid components overheating. By means of the complete setup software, it is very easy to set all the mechanical parameters and all the other very important spooling functions such as: tapering, disrupt, yarn distribution on reels , etc...

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