menbrane pumps

menbrane pumps

Membrane/diaphragm pumps:

The diaphragm pump is widely used for home appliances including coffee brewers, humidifiers and steam ovens. Nidec has a wide range of brush and brushless motors as well as pumps for gas-liquid mixing. In addition to the features of brushless DC motors that include their compact size, lightweight, and long life, their built-in control circuit provides protective functions such as thermal shutdown and lock protection. Moreover since a self-suction-type diaphragm pump is used, there is no need to position it lower than the tank. This feature provides a high degree of design freedom. Concerning brushless DC motors, Nidec prepares not only the same two-pin specification as that for the brush motor but also the ones manufactured to specifications able to be supported by PWM and FG control.

A key feature of these pumps is the high degree of design freedom they offer due to the fact that a self-suction-type pump is used. Subsequently, users do not need to position it lower than the tank. Nidec offers both brushless and brush motors.


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