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Thanks to the introduction of servomotor control systems and computerized drives, builders of printing machines, paper processing systems and systems for screen printing on ceramic have been able to optimize the preparation process and the continuous production process control of their machines, and benefit from a constant quality of the printed product. For years Dynetics engineers develop versatile advanced solutions for these machines making use of the convenience and efficiency of fieldbus connections (CANBus – CANopen) and thanks to their own powerful and reliable programmable drives.


Case History - Registers Control Flexographic Printing Systems

Registers adjustment

Each printing group can automate the anilox cylinders advancement, cliché holder, cross and longitudinal registers, by means of six drives and motors controlled by a GWC unit. The latter, acting as a gateway, interfaces with other machine components via fielbus (Profibus, Devicenet, Canbus or Modbus), relieving the main PLC work and provides a flexible solution for the various specifications involved. Every time the machine starts, the use of absolute encoders allows an automatic calibration of all adjustments, thus reducing the intervention of highly specialized operators.

Components used for this solution

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