Special Solutions & Customization

Photovoltaic special and custom

Solutions for the photovoltaic sector and special and customized applications

Dynetics is a partner for application development in every field of industrial automation, and have already realized solutions for systems in photovoltaic solar-power tracking stations.
Our application and mechatronic engineers are able to dimension, design and realize hardware and software solutions on base of your requests, to realize with our expertise and your know-how the industrial automation application to be produced on a large scale, saving time and costs and making use of best in class technology.


Applications and ready-to-use solutions

As shown here and below, for each of these application subcategories, Dynetics propose their proven solutions, being already appreciated by several market leading customers.

  • Develop, Production and Customizable Software
  • Photovoltaic solar-power tracking stations
  • Sun blades control for domotics

Motion control in industrial automations

The solution packages consist of hardware devices, firmwares for programmable drives and PC programs and programming environments.
For each solution shown here, are listed the different categories of application components.
Inside each product family it will be possible to choose between all available models in that environment, depending on the various needs for power, control, inputs and outputs, interfaces and other options.

The packages are fully customizable and the easy programming interfaces eePLC and Atomic enable the user to customize its application without any limits, without the need to learn any programming language. In addition, our clients can prevent the disclosure of their created know-how and build their own photovoltaic and special applications, by only using our products.

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