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Solutions for Medical and Dosing Machinery

For a long time the automation industry for medical machines and radiographic equipment tries to limit space and security problems during the realization of new solutions. The solutions designed by Dyneticsa can be recognized by their small dimensions, thanks to an accurate study of the drive elements position and advanced security features. In general, by choosing Dynetics drives for the construction of medical equipment, a higher flexibility of automation and security for long-term can be guaranteed.

Case History - Radiographic Equipment

All-in-one for dental diagnostics.
This innovative solution, in a single board, allows the execution of various programmes, from simple panoramic/cephalometry, to TMJ examination, always in compliance with current regulations on electromagnetic compatibility and emissions. Using the DRK board it is possible to control up to 4 axis which can be interpolated and reach high precision performances up to hundreds of a degree with electronic cams set by software. The DRK board is programmable through TR.I.P.O.S. environment and can control:
- rotation axis;
- approach and distance axis from the column (X axis);
- box axis;
- ceph. axis.Radiology diagnostics.

The application is possible thanks to the M5A modular drives equipped with fieldbus and connected to the master PLC, which has the general control of the machine. By simply using these open frame drives, a high degree of control and versatility of the main functions is achievable, furthermore they can be widely customized.

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