linear stepping motors

linear stepping motors

Nippon Pulse’s hybrid linear stepper motors are suitable for medical devices, microtiter tables, fluid dispensers, semiconductor wafer handling machines, optical systems, and data storage machines.


Hybrid linear stepping motors

motors with a 28mm- (PJPL28) or a 42mm- frame size (PJPL42).
Both motors feature:

0.005mm resolution,

200 steps per revolution,

a standard maximum stroke length of 40mm,

and a dielectric strength of 500V (1 min).

PM linear stepping motors

A series of linear actuators from Nippon Pulse Motor.

Based on their 25 and 35 mm PM can type of stepping motors

with various lead screws.

NFC linear Actuator

The NFC Linear actuator is a:

PM-type geared stepper with feed screw

has a unique captive and torque transmission structure

Achieve high thrust and high resolution.

The shaft output doesn't rotate,

will not create friction on the part it is connected with.

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