3-phase hybrid stepping motors

3-phase hybrid stepping motors

Our 3 phase steppingmotors have smooth running properties, are available in 0,6º- 1,2º-3,75º stepping angles low speed and 3,75º high speed steady torque models.
When you are looking for stepping motors with silent operation, sizes 42 mm-86 mm and holding torque up to 4 Nm, this is your best choice.


Advantages of 3 phase steppingmotors are that the drive circuit is simplified because the motor is driven with star wiring connection. High torque is obtained at low speed with the microstep driver. Ultra-low vibration and low noise achieved with our microstep driver. The step angle of 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 may be chosen by using our micro-step driver.

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for the suitable driver we offer for instance the SS3-chip or Servex modules


Nidec Servo (Japan Servo) stepping motors
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