2 phase hybrid stepping motors 1,8 degr/step

2 phase hybrid stepping motors 1,8 degr/step (uni- & bi-polar)

In the selection guide you can choose between the proposed motor families by checking which electrical, mechanical and performance characteristics come closest to your request, considering also the wide range of other variables. Each motor family includes a wide range of codes with different electrical and mechanical customizations such as winding type, mechanical working of the shaft, presetting for encoder mounting, wiring, etc. ...

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KH56 B900 bi-polar
KH56 B900 UNI-polar


KH60 uni

KV42 bi-polar

KV42 uni-polar

product selector guide (shortform) 


extended selection guide

options -D-cut, double shaft, encoder

how to select and calculate a stepping motor

explanation of the dynamic torque curve

quality commitments and approvals

FeCrCo-Magnet stepping motors

high torque H42-B900 steppingmotors



high efficiency stepping motors 1,8º stepping angle. (pdf 512k)

0,9° stepping angle
Nidec Servo (Japan Servo) stepping motors
(pdf 2,6Mb)

high torqueH42-B900 steppingmotors

German article about KA-motor

 Cataloque of available motors from Shinano Kenshi



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