Motor and drive combinations

Nidec Control Techniques DIGITAX SF



50 W – 2 kW

200 V (single phase <1 kW)
Analog or pulse train interface
17 bit absolute encoder (single or multi-turn)
◼ High performance servo control
◼ Easy set-up, tuning and state monitoring with SF Connect
◼ Advanced damping and resonance suppression with notch filters and FFT analysis

The Digitax SF servo drive and motor package; a compact, cost eff ective and easy to use solution for a range of application requirements. Digitax SF off ers:

• High performance drives with pulse train or analog interface and serial communication
• A range of light-duty industrial motors available in several inertia levels to meet diff erent application requirements

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Motor order code* Drive order code Rated Torque Instantaneous max. torque Rotor inertia (with brake) Rotor inertia (without brake) Rated speed Inertia Rated out- put power Power cable (dynamic)** Encoder cable (dynamic)** Brake cable (dynamic)**
    Nm Nm kg·cm² kg·cm² rpm   kW      
MY101N2LN DA2Z1 0.32 1.12   0.061 3000 M 0.1 MAA01Axx SAC01Axx  
MY101A2LN DA2Z1 0.32 1.12 0.069   3000 M 0.1 MAA01Axx SAC01Axx BAA01Axx
MZ401N2LN DA224 1.27 3.82   0.71 3000 H 0.4 MAA01Axx SAC01Axx  
MZ401A2LN DA224 1.27 3.82 0.73   3000 H 0.4 MAA01Axx SAC01Axx BAA01Axx
MZ751N2LN DA238 2.39 7.1   1.61 3000 H 0.75 MAA01Axx SAC01Axx  
MZ751A2LN DA238 2.39 7.1 1.81   3000 H 0.75 MAA01Axx SAC01Axx BAA01Axx



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