Coreless brush motors

Coreless brush

Dynetics distributes Canon Precision, Topband and E-Drive System with production facilities in Japan and China produce ironless core DC motors using neodymium magnets for high efficiency, low power consumption, low mechanical time-constant and quick response. 

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Since 1962, Canon Precision has been developing its core technology for DC micro motors. We leverage our advanced technologies and techniques to devise solutions customized to the diverse needs of individual customers.
Canon manufacture their motors at their plants in Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture, where we employ a cell production system that contributes to manufacturing efficiency. Their proprietary production systems accommodate rapid delivery while also ensuring high reliability.
Canon Precision's motors can be equipped with optional components such as gear units and encoders. We can tailor the specifications of optional components, such as speed and reduction ratios, to your specific requirements.
Canon Precision's coreless motors generate high power output with superior responsiveness in a small package. Highly efficient thanks to their low moment of inertia, our coreless motors can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the mirror-driving functions and shutter mechanisms of digital cameras, robots, precision devices, industrial equipment, and many more. To meet specific customer applications, we offer coreless motor models with the option of a metal brush or carbon brush. Gear heads can also be mounted. Canon Precision proudly presents high-efficiency coreless motors with quick responsiveness for your consideration.

E-Drive System:

Founded in June 2000,E-Drive System Co.,Ltd. is a leading DC coreless motor manufacturer in China.
In the past ten years E-Drive System develop ,manufacture ,and market reliable ,high-quality motors and offer value-added professional services to customers around the world.
Currently, E-Dive offers five series (diameter 16mm,20mm,22mm,26mm,28mm,35mm and 36mm),13 types (1620,1625,1630,1643,2030,2043,2230,2238,2243,2644,2844,3571 and 3672) of products with over hunderds specifications.
Most of standard motors are listed in this brochure but many custom made designs have been excluded .We design motors to our customers' special needs because we base our success on our customers achieving their goals.
◆Efficient design:
 1. E-Drive coreless motor commutators utilize a one-step injection molding process for precious metal or graphite commutation.
 2. Motor coils are made by our own designed winding machine.
 3. Each and every rotor is dynamically balanced.
 4. Patent design of double-layer coil.

◆High quality raw material E-Drive coreless motors use high performance Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials.
◆Long service life of motors Motor service life depends on operating conditions. Under recommended operating conditions, E-Drive motors’ service life of 1000-3000 Hours is achievable.

The E-Drive System coreless motors have a special long E-Drive obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system by third-party certification.


Shenzhen Topband Electronics and Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hi-tech private enterprise established in so called "China silicon valley"-Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park in 1996.Motor & Control division is the most significant division of TOPBAND, that is, a new growth pole in the future. The level of research and development is high-class in motor field, by taking advantage of powerful strength of headquarters, such as excellent human resource, professional work team, outstanding technology and cooperating with several famous Universities in China. We focus on advanced motor technology and our main product is Brushless DC Motor, and we specialize in researching, developing and manufacturing motor and the relevant electronic controller.

the coreless motor are sized 8mm,16mm,22mm,26mm,28mm,35mm diameter motor. We research the DC brushless motor of 60mm,66mm,80mm diameter motor. Most of our products are custome made.

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