Nidec Brushless DC Motor

Nidec Brushless DC Motor

Standard and Semi-Standard Motors
Brushless DC Motors
Single Phase
Single Direction

Outer rotor designs with built-in control electronics designed for constant speed.
A two-pulse per revolution tachometer can be used as feedback for externally controlled speed applications. These brushless motors utilize ball bearing construction for long life with no maintenance, and are efficient, cool-running and quiet.
Nidec single phase brushless dc motor
Semi-Custom Motors
Brushless DC Motors
Three Phase

Outer rotor designs with built-in control electronics designed for precision, constant speed applications. The brushless motors utilize ball bearing construction for long life with no maintenance. The motors are efficient, cool-running and quiet, and have a built-in frequency generator for closed loop speed control, ideal for applications requiring precise speed of operation.
Nidec semicustom three-phase motor
Full-Custom Motors
Brushless DC Motors
Custom Configurations

Motors in this class are used in applications such as disk drives with removable media, tape drives, CD-ROM, DVD, and other very high-volume applications Full custom designs typically require substantial tooling charges and NRE costs. Contact us for more details.
Nidec custom brushless dc motor for DVD
DLP® Technology
Motors for Digital Light Processing™ Products

These small, efficient motors provide precise, high-speed rotation of color filters used in portable business projectors, HDTV and home theater systems, and other digital-to-remote-screen display applications.For more information, click here. ® DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.™ Digital Light Processing is a brand trademark of Texas Instruments
Nidec brushless dc motor for digital light processing
Small-Package Applications
Motors for Small-Package

ApplicationsThese compact, three-phase motors, which were developed as spindle motors for optical disk drives, also supply efficient and economical rotation for miniature pumps, valve control mechanisms, surveillance cameras, compact cooling devices, scanners, small centrifuges and separators, and a variety of platter-spin applications. The motors are offered with sensorless or Hall Effect commutation, and customized baseplate and output shaft designs. For more information, click here.
Nidec MMC three-phase motors for small package applications
Home Appliances and Office Automation Equipment
Motors for Home Appliancesand Office Automation Equipment

Standard three-phase motors in the 13H, 22H, 24H and 27H series are lower cost, higher performance alternatives to brushed dc motors and stepper motors commonly used in home appliances and office equipment. These brushless dc motors are free of electromagnetic interference problems. They offer enhanced control, quieter operation, longer life and higher energy efficiency. For more information, click here.
Nidec 24H 3-phase brushless dc motorNidec 22H brushless dc motor for home appliances and office equipment

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