Brushless DC motors

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Dynetics offers Brushless DC motors with inner and outer-rotor design.
Many models may be supplied with matching gearboxes and or drivers.
You can make your selection from the program ranges of EVER, Canon Precision, Nidec Servo, Shinano Kenshi, Tsukasa and Mellor Electrics.

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 supplier   technology  Nom speed (rpm)  rated torque (mNm)  integrated driver  gearhead  datasheet 
Tsukasa innerrotor       various available  
 Nidec Servo   outer rotor  




   various available  
 inner rotor  200-2500        
 Canon  innerrotor          
Mellor Electric innerrotor 3829  35.724 m-Nm  available external EM106   more details
 Nidec Corp. innerrotor   5,2 ~ 45      





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