Piezoelectric Motor / Ultrasonic Motor


TEKCELEO-patented WAVELLING™ piezomotors technology uses piezoelectric or ultrasonic progressive wave principle. This technology offers a high power-to-weight ratio combined with high efficiency for ultrasonic motors or piezoelectric motor. TEKCELEO has developed a range of ultrasonic motors or piezoelectric motors with embedded speed/position sensors and torque sensors, resulting in outstanding properties for lightweight robotics, haptic interfaces, piezoelectric miniature pumps, piezoelectric miniature valves and for piezoelectric actuators for optronics or optomechanical applications.


•Ultrasonic motors compete with stepper motors

•Lightweight, compact design, pancake piezomotors

•High torque-low speed without reducer (direct drive-no backlash)

•No-power supplied high holding torque (no brake and no clutch)

•No electromagnetic disturbances (non-magnetic ultrasonic motors)

•Totally silent and vibration free piezoelectric motors (out of audio band)

•Modular design: it can be fitted into the very core of your mechanism

•Built-in precision capability: < 0.01° (depends on the embedded sensors)

•High controllability (mechanical time response #1ms, stepless, no backlash)

•Operating temperature (-20 +120°C) (option -40 +150°C)






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