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Linear Servo Stages

If you are in need of a linear servo stage you have come to the right place. Ibex Engineering has a vast reputation for being able to integrate any motor technology to create the best fit solutions to meet the specific needs of our oem customers. Combine this superior level of skill and engineering expertise with a business model that supports competitive pricing on custom equipment and the result is innovative products that help our customers succeed.

Linear stage configurations are usually defined by the type of motor used. The motor selection is driven by the type of application or by customer specification. All of the available motor types have benefits and drawbacks, so we carefully select the motor type that is most suitable to meet the required specification for final use.

Ibex has extensive experience with all types of linear motors but specifically employs the following types:

Ironless Linear Servo Stage

  • Piezo-Ceramic Servo
  • Ironless Core Linear Servo
    • Shaft Type
    • U or C channel
    • Single sided
  • Iron Core Linear Servo
  • Voice Coil
  • DC Linear Servo

Ibex only uses the best in class Linear servo motors

  • Nippon Pulse
  • Yaskawa servo>
  • Technotion
  • Moticont
  • Applimotion
  • Emoteq
  • Variety of others…

View our Products page for an overview of the positioning stages and other types of products we provide. Our site offers a host of capabilities regarding available linear stage solutions, as well as other types of products, such asPrecision Rotary StagesZ-wedgesGoniometric stagesVoice Coil stages and a variety of others. Depending on your industry and the specific requirements needed for your system, our engineers can help create the optimal solution, from the very simple to the highly complex.

Please contact us for any of your application needs

Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail. No matter where you are located, across the country or around the world, feel free to give us a call at our California world head quarter or use the contact form provided in Contact Us tab. Our expert engineers are ready to help solve any positioning requirement you may need.

Download the new KPX precision linear servo series PDF.

kpx 100

KPX 50 series PDF link - 50mm wide

KPX 75 series PDF link - 75mm wide

KPX 100 series PDF link - 100mm wide

KPX 150 Series PDF link - 150mm wide

Video Demonstrations

29 Foot x 4 X Z Iron Core Linear Servo

Modutek 320x240 0001

Iron Core Linear Servo Stage - 29 Foot X by 4 Z

This clip demonstrates an Ibex 29’ X, Z stage utilizing Yaskawa Iron Core Linear Servo motors. The Z axis incorporates Yaskawa’s largest Ironcore Linear servo motor. We also designed a smaller 21' long system.

 Dual Carriage Co-Linear - Linear Servos stage

 Dual Carriage OpenDual Carriage Closed

Dual Carriage Co-linear Ironless linear servo stage

Co-linear Dual axis linear servo stage is great for multi up tooling application where you require multiple tool on a single plane only using one motor type.

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