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customized Linear motor solutions

Ibex Engineering was founded in California in 1999 to provide unique motion solutions.
Ibex Engineering designs positoining systems specifically tailored to meet your equipment and process requirements. The positioning systems employ the best in class compontentry and are tested in our metrology lab to verify all positioning specificationsSemiconductor manufacturers and manufacturers of new electronic imaging equipment were having great difficulty finding motion platforms that had the precision that they needed and that could also operate in high vacuum, high magnetic field and clean room conditions.

Ibex can offer linear motion in:



They also offer rotary motion:


  • Direct Drive 
  • Rotary goniometer
  • Segmented Rotary


Two configurations that are becoming very popular are the "Z-Wedge" stage which allows direct vertical motion with no interfering structure:

"Z-Wedge" stage


and the tripod/hexapod configuration which allows multiple axes of motion in a very compact package:



For non-standard and totally unique applications, such as high vacuum, high radiation, E-beam or X-Ray, Ibex can use non-conventional materials such as all stainless steel structure and ceramic bearings.


For ultra-high precision down to resolutions in the nanometer range, stages can be built with granite bases and air bearing slides. In addition, the motion platform can be embedded into a machine sub-component:

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