Linear Stage Systems SCR

Linear Stage Systems SCR

The Nippon Pulse linear shaft motor SCR Nanopositioning Stage Series offers the accuracy of piezo driven stages with the speed and performance of servo stages.SCR Linear Shaft Motor Stage Features

  • SCR series produces extremely accurate results with no loss in stability, regardless of the complexity of the motion profile.


SCR Nanopositioning Stages – incredible precision, even at high speeds!

Nippon Pulse offers the photonics and optics industry our SCR Nanopositioning Stage: a motorized, linear translation stage that allows for ultra-precise movements and highly stable positioning. The SCR stage has the unique capability to provide high-speed movement without sacrificing precision, with standard encoder resolutions as fine as 10nm.

As in all Linear Shaft Motor applications, a non-critical air gap allows for a system that does not have any variation of generated force. The SCR stage also includes an integrated cross-roller guide. With a simple, lightweight, compact shaft-type linear motor comprised of only a magnet and a coil, large drive force is gained with an efficient and short coil length, allowing for simultaneous high speed, high precision applications. 

Our SCR stages are available in four standard sizes (50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm), with customization options available. They can handle stroke lengths between 50mm and 300mm with the accuracy of piezo-driven stages, while maintaining the speed and performance of a servo stage. The design allows the SCR stages to be easily stacked and configured into multi-axis applications.

The SCR stage contains Nippon Pulse’s patented Linear Shaft Motor, which is integrated into the stage’s simple yet robust construction. The brushless, non-contact Linear Shaft Motor servo is highly responsive, and is available with multiple winding options. The moving magnet design of the motor allows for all cables and connectors to be located in the stage’s stationary base, eliminating the risk of motion errors due to cable placement.

Fully custom stage designs – including open-frame stages – are also available by request in order to meet your application’s unique needs.

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