Part numbers

Part numbers

Linear Shaft Motor (Examples)

  • S080DPL-250st-WP-SO-02 (see chart below)
S = Shaft Type
S: Linear Shaft Motor
L: Large Air Gap
250st = Usable Stroke in mm
080 = Shaft Size in mm x 10
4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 35, 42.7,
43.5, 50, 60.5
WP = Special Options
Blank: Standard
WP: Water Resistant
HA: Digital Hall effect
CE: CE type motor
D = Forcer Size
S: Single Winding
D: Double Winding
T: Triple Winding
Q: Quadruple Winding
X: Octuple Winding
SS: Single Coil Small Forcer
DS: Double Coil Small Forcer
TS: Triple Coil Small Forcer
SO = Forcer/Shaft Option
Blank: Both
FO: Forcer only
SO: Shaft only
PL = Parallel Motor Option
Blank: Single Motor
PL: Parallel Motors
02 = # of Forcers (two or more)

Tin-Can Motor (Example)

PF(C)42T-48C1G (1/50)

PF(C) = Series Designation
PF: Flying lead joint
PFC: Connector joint
C = Coil Rating
B: 24V Unipolar
C: 12V Unipolar
D: 5V Unipolar
P: 12V Bipolar
Q: 5V Bipolar
R: 12V Bipolar (PF35T only)
42 = Outer Diameter in mm 1 =  Magnetic Material
1-Ferrite Anisotropic
3-Ferrite Isotropic
T = Type
Blank: Standard
T: Thin Stack
H: High Torque
G = Gear Head
Blank: No gear head
G: Gear head
48 = Steps per Revolution
1/50 = Gear head ratio
with geared models only

Linear Stepper Motor (Example)


PF = Stepper Motor Designation
Q = Coil rating
C: 12V unipolar
D: 5V unipolar
P: 12V bipolar (PFCL25 only)
Q: 5V bipolar
R: 12V bipolar (PFL35T only)
C = Connector Type
Blank: Flying lead joint
C: Connector joint
4 = Neodymium magnet type
L = Linear step series designation
048 = Thread Pitch
048: 0.48mm
096: 0.96mm
120: 1.20mm
25 = Motor diameter in mm
30 = Shaft Stroke Length
30: 30mm stroke, 60mm shaft
60: 60mm stroke, 60mm shaft
48 = steps/revolution
24: 15°/step
48: 7.5°/step

Single Direction Synchronous Motor (Example)

PTM-24BGII100-50/60-2/2.4 CW

PTM = Series Designation
PTM: Flying lead joint
100 = Supply Voltage
24, 100, 200 Vac voltage depends on model
24 = Number of Poles
12: Speed is 500rpm w/50Hz
Speed is 600rpm w/60Hz
24: Speed is 250rpm w/50Hz
Speed is 300rpm w/60Hz
50/60 = Power Frequency
50, 60, or 50/60Hz
B = Outer Diameter
B: 35mm
K: 42mm
E: 42mm (high output torque)
2/2.4 = Rotating Speed
Line frequency of 60Hz makes the motor
speed 1.2 times higher than 50Hz
G = Gear Head
Blank: No gear head
G: Gear head intergrated
CW = Direction
CW - Clockwise
CCW - Counterclockwise
PTM-24BGII only
Denotes BG gear type II

Dual Direction Synchronous Motor (Example)


PTM(C) = Series Designation
PTM: Flying lead joint type
PTMC: Connector joint type
4 = Magnet Type
Blank: Anisotropic
3: Isotropic
4: Neodymium
5: Plastic
24 = Number of Poles
12: Speed is 500 rpm w/50Hz
Speed is 600 rpm w/ 60Hz
24: Speed is 250 rpm w/ 50Hz
Speed is 300 rpm w/ 60Hz
G = Gear Head
Blank: No Gear Head
G: Gear Head Integrated
F = Outer Diameter (Type)
P: 22mm, M: 35mm, T: 35mm (thin)
H: 12mm, S: 42mm (thin)
F: 55mm, R: 55mm (w/ connector) 
1/2 = Gear Ratio
3 = Coil Specification
Blank: Standard Coil
(continuous for 24, 100, 200 Vac)
1-18: Coil # for specific rating


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