Linear Servo Motor

Linear Shaft Motor (1)

Linear Shaft Motor for Ultra High-Precision Markets

Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear servomotor designed for the ultra-high-precision market. Its design features greater stiffness, no cogging, a non-critical air gap, and less heat generation, which allow the Linear Shaft Motor to achieve sub-micron resolution.


Nippon Pulse's Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear motor designed and built for the ultra high precision market. The design of the Linear Shaft Motor maximizes use of magnetic flux, provides stiffness 100 times greater than that of other coreless linear motors, can complete movements with sub one-micron resolutions, and minimizes heat production and the impact of generated heat. The Linear Shaft Motor is a simple design, made of only two parts, a shaft and forcer. Because of its simple design, the Linear Shaft Motor is far more efficient than competing linear motors, using 50% less power than u-shaped motors. This is in large part because all magnetic flux created by the coils cut the magnetic shaft at 90°. The Linear Shaft Motor is also designed to reduce the amount of heat that is dumped into the work surface, further maximizing the motor's efficiency. The Linear Shaft Motor is the only linear motor on the market that does not use an added heat sink while evaluating and documenting motor ratings. Unlike platen linear motors, the Linear Shaft Motor does not produce Eddy currents and, because it is an ironless design, has no cogging.


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