Linear Servo Motor

in Harsh Environments

Because of its design and construction, Nippon Pulse’s Linear Shaft Motor is a good fit for engineers needing a linear motor that can work in a harsh or washdown environment.

There are several key factors that allow the Linear Shaft motor to work in such environments, including its non-critical air gap, stainless steel magnetic shaft, and the moving forcer which is protected by fiberglass and epoxy resin. In addition to its use in several washdown applications, the Linear Shaft Motor also has placement in wafer slicing, food packaging, and paper handling equipment, all of which create dirty environments. Because the air gap (between the coils and magnetic shaft) is non-critical, any build up of material on the shaft will not create a loss in generated linear force. The Linear Shaft Motor features a fiberglass sleeve on the inside of the forcer (coils) that completely protects the windings from water and other debris. The coils are further protected by epoxy resin which fills the interior of the forcer.

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