advantages of linear shaft motors

advantages of linear shaft motors


The Linear Shaft Motor is a simple, high efficiency, high precision motor that requires no maintenance over it’s lifetime. The motor consist of only two parts, a magnetic shaft, and a “forcer” of wound coils. Because it has no iron in the forcer or shaft, giving you the precision and zero cogging expected in a coreless design, the Linear Shaft Motors provide ultra high precision.

The coils of the Linear Shaft Motor form the core, giving you the stiffness expected in an iron cored motor. Because the coil completely wraps around the magnets, all the magnetic flux is efficiently used. This allows for a large (0.5 to 2.5mm) nominal annular air gap. This air gap is non-critical, meaning there is no variation in force as the gap varies over the stroke of the device


Advantages of Linear Shaft Motors

Very simple construction:

The Linear Shaft Motor itself consists of only two parts: the shaft (with magnets) and the forcer (coils).

There is a non-critical air gap, and no physical contact between the shaft and the forcer.

Direct drive:

Unlike lead screws with gearheads, the Linear Shaft Motor offers high thrust (up to 20,000 Newtons/4500 pounds) without any gearheads or backlash.

Precision linear position control:

Linear movement resolution as small as 0.07 nanometers is achievable.

• Precise speed control. High speeds (up to 6.5 meters per second) and low speeds (down to 8 micrometers per second) are

achievable with virtually no speed fluctuations (+/-0.006% at 100 micrometers/second).

• Durable construction. Capable of operating in a clean room environment, in a vacuum, or under water.

• Quiet Operation. The absence of friction makes the system extremely quiet. The only mechanical contact section is the linear guide.

• Compact and lightweight. Lightweight when compared to traditional linear motors.

• Zero cogging. The coreless design results in no magnetic cogging whatsoever.

• Large Air Gap. The non-critical 0.5mm to 5.0mm nominal annular air gap allows for easy installation and alignment.

• Simple drive. The Linear Shaft Motors have built-in flexibility to cater to most servo amplifiers. They can be driven by traditional

three-phase brushless DC servo drives. Several units can be networked to achieve a cluster of Linear Shaft Motors that can be

synchronized with a network controller or a PC.

• Power Efficiency. The Linear Shaft Motors extremely strong magnetic flux, cylindrical design and small moving mass provide for a

very efficient linear motion. The Linear Shaft Motor is 50% more efficient than non-direct drive systems (Belt drive, ball/lead screw, etc.) and also 50% more efficient than other direct drive systems (u-shaped linear motor, etc.).

Enclosed magnets:

Because the magnets in the Linear Shaft Motor are enclosed by a stainless steel shaft, the motor can easily be integrated into various environmental conditions.

• Efficient Use of Magnetic Flux. With the motor coils encircling the magnets, the Linear Shaft Motor uses 100 percent of all

magnetic flux. All magnetic flux created cuts the motor coils at 90 degrees.

• Parallel Drive. The design of the Linear Shaft Motor allows it to be used in a parallel configuration using only one encoder, one

drive, and one amplifier.

• Wide capability. Thrust forces less than 0.5 Newtons and peak thrust forces up to 20,000 Newtons are available. Usable strokes

from 20 mm up to 4.6 meters can be chosen from a number of available models.


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