Suppliers profile Nidec Servo

Suppliers profile Nidec Servo

Suppliers profile:

Nidec SERVO CO., LTD. (Japan Servo) is a Japan-based company and inolved in the manufacture and sale of motors and motor applied products. It's products offers direct current (DC) motors with and without brushes, speed control (SC) drivers, stepping motors and drivers, small-sized alternate current (AC) motors, small-sized AC SC motors, small-sized AC synchronous motors, induction motors (IMs), fans, blowers and sensors, including rotary encoders (ENCs), potentiometers (POTs) and slip rings. The Company develops and designs motors and motor applied products, and provides customized products. Headquartered in Tokyo, the Company has 10 subsidiaries.

Productgroup introduction:

Nidec SERVO CO (Japan Servo) offers silent fans with ball bearings and round venturis and silent blowers with multi-blade fan wheels.
The ball bearings garantee 100.000 hours of trouble free operation at 20 °C and 60.000 at 60°C for reliable performance and long life (see example of L10-curve).
The latest generation radial blowers uses unique turbine-blade designs based on the silent fan technology.
The turbine-blade technology results in very compact blowers with high performance.
They are remarkably silent and offer high pressure en air volume.

There is a series of AC/DC heat flow fans and centrifugal blowers. The products have passed certification tests including UL, CSA, TUV and VDE.
We can also supply products with sensors of a lockup detection type, pulse output and a rotational speed detection type. PWM-Speed control options are available plus humi-seal coated versions for moist protection in damp enviroments.
We can also customize the products with an assembled connector, etc.
blower sizes: 76 x 25 mm to 127 x 39 mm.

Contact us for more detailed information:

+31 499 371007 (NL) 

+49 2157 128990 (DE)