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Options & accessories

options & accessories for fans

To complete and optimize standard fans and blowers to your specific requests, we offer a range of options
like sensors, pulse outputs, PWM speed control versions.
A complete range of metal or plastic finger guards and fan filter unts is available at attractive prices. 



Model code Mating Model Code CAD
2D 3D
F60P Guard TUDC Series - -
F60UL Guard TUDC,G0638D Series
F80UL Guard VE,PUDC,G0838C Series
F92UL Guard WE,KA,KUDC,D0925C,KLDC,G0938B Series
F120UL Guard SCN(Can be installed only on outlet side.),CU,CN,CUDC,D1225C,CNDC,
D1238T,D1238B,D1338B,G1238B Series
F127UL Guard D1338,D1338S Series -
Guard172 MA,PA,D1751M,D1751S,G1751M Series
F180UL Guard  
F200UL Guard  
SCN Guard SCN Series(Can be installed only on intake side.)


The assemblies consist of a finger guard, foam filter and retainer. The guards and retainer are manufactured using high impact plastics which all meet UL94-VO flammability requirements. The foam filter is manufactured to meet UL94HF1 smoke generation requirements.

Sensor surveillance:

Sensors guard the speed of the ventilator and have a warning function.
In case a fan is about to fail, due to a clogged filter or other circumstances, an alarm signal can identify the problem and warn your system,
so that it can be replaced before it actually fails and the cooling capacity diminishes.
Various sensor options are offered:

more information on sensors: sensor.pdf

Speed control:

For reduction of system noise and to improve fan reliability, a PWM speed control loop can be implemented in most fan's and blowers. 
Please contact us for further details. 

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