NPM Motion checker & bipolar chopping drive module

NPM - Motion checker & chopper module

Nippon Pulse MCH series motion checkers are palm-sized controllers with integrated driver circuit built-in for 2-phase stepper motors.

Motion Checker Controllers

System Design:

  • MCH-5 series are available in 2 models to run unipolar and bipolar-winding stepper motors

  • MCH-5 series has a pulse/direction output signal enabling its use as a standalone controller to connect to any driver board

Part No.Rated CurrentCore ChipsDrive ModeMemory
MCH-5B 400mA/phase (700mA max./phase) A/phase PCD4511 w/NP3775 Bipolar constant voltage Yes
MCH-5U 250mA/phase (400mA max./phase) A/phase PCD4511 w/NP2671 Unipolar constant voltage Yes

driver board: NPAD10BF
A bipolar chopping drive, the NPAD10BF has an output current up to 1.2A/phase (peak), which allows the device to drive most two-phase stepper motors. With an input voltage range from 12-30 Vdc, the NPAD10BF board can drive tin-can, linear, and hybrid stepper motors. With the excitation mode, the board has full, ½, ¼, and 1/16 microsteps.

The NPAD10BF driver, which has four input signals (Pulse, Dir, Enable and Reset), includes an on board switching voltage regulator, an automatic current reduction function, and a reset for sequence and disenable.

Bipolar Chopper

Part No.

Type of Driver

Excitation Mode

Input Power Supply

Input Signal Interface


Bipolar Microstepping Chopper

Full, Half, 1/4, 1/16

12 to 30 ±5% Vdc

Optocoupler (Isolated)


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