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Arcus Servo Motion announces a new generation of Servo 5.0 compatible Servo Motor Controllers called the Titan series.

TITAN has many advanced servo control feature and sets the foundation for the Servo 5.0 standard. It supports the special edge analytics and predictive machine learning algorithm called 2nd Sight to meet the challenges facing the emerging Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory market. TITAN Controllers and core are universal servo motor controller that is able to handle most of the commonly used motors in the industry. TITAN Integrated Motors combine the advanced Titan Servo Controller Technology with a Stepper Servo Motor or a Brushless Servo Motor into a single package, resulting in a small, compact, and powerful all-in-one Servo Motion solution.

The TITAN-SVX-ETH is an advanced universal single-axis closed loop servo driver-controller that supports various types of motors that are commonly used in the automation industry:

- 2 Phase Stepper Motor

- 3 Phase Brushless Rotary Servo Motor

- 3 Phase Brushless Linear Servo Motor

- DC Voice Coil Motor

In addition to the advanced servo motion control technology, the TITAN-SVX-ETH also has a number of advanced control technologies including force control, joystick control, dynamic gains, standalone programming, and many more. Additionally, TITAN-SVX-ETH enabled with various Servo 5.0 monitoring and analytics algorithm technology for the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory initiative and the Industrial Internet of Things.


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