TITAN Servo Controller Core for OEM Custom Applications

TITAN Servo Controller Core is a core module version of the TITAN Servo Technology in a compact package, ideal for high-volume customized OEM applications.

TITAN Servo Controller Core has integrated motor drive circuitry including the power FET's and includes all the software features available in the standard TITAN Servo product line.  All that's needed are the power input for the FET's, 5V CPU power input, and communication and digital IO interface circuitry with application specific connectors.

  • Configurable as Controller Mode or Pulse Mode
  • Motor Types Supported: 2Ph Stepper, 3Ph BLDC Rotary, 3Ph Linear, Voice Coil
  • Easy to use Auto Motor Parameter Detection Wizard and Auto Mechanical Parameter Detection Tuning Wizard
  • Motor and System Database File System Support
  • Open Loop Hold and Dynamic Gain
  • Advanced Plotting and Probing
  • Simplified Gain Setting
  • Force / Torque Control


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