Company Profile

Company profile

Dynetics, founded in 1994, with offices in Germany and the Netherlands assists engineers across Europe in selecting the best suitable motor for their mechatronical assignment. 
Dynetics represents leading manufacturers such as Nippon Pulse Motor (NPM), Nidec Servo, KSS, Tsukasa, Mellor Electrics, E-Drive System, Topband, Shinano Kenshi, 3P, Canon Precision, etc. We offer a wide range of small motors with various technologies. 
Dynetics helps economizing your design by offering solutions with optimum price-performance ratio. Many of our motors can be "customized" to your specifications.
For equipment cooling we have a variety of axial instrument ventilators and radial blowers from leading manufacturers, such as Nidec Servo. 

Please contact us for any further support.

Many of our motors can be customized  (examples are a double or modified shafts, encoders, different windings, etc. All fans and motors can be fitted with connectors per customer request.



Dynetics is located near the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and has a perfect location at the heart of Europe’s leading R&D region. The Eindhoven, Louvain, Aachen triangle (ELAt) is an area that has acquired a strong European position in micro-electronics/nano-electronics and life sciences.




In an area of just one square kilometre, more than 8,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs work closely together developing the technologies and products of tomorrow


To survive in this fast moving cyclic industry, one has to stick to his core competences and be differentiated as specialist.

Key words are:

  • Shorten the time to market

  • Long term view

  • Liable and accountable

  • Innovative, value added

  • Open minded

  • Dedicated/Passionate

  • A team of specialists 


 One stop-shopping:

  • OEM/REP-services
  • Distribution-services

  • Logistic services and environmental management (KanBan, JIT, ISO9002, ISO14001, ROHs, etc.)

  • Technical consulting

  • Have an open and honest relationship with our suppliers and customers .


Why Dynetics:

Flat Organizational Structure

  • Cultural fit

  • Proactive involvement of Senior Management

  • Innovative and flexible people

  • Global key account structure

Comprehensive Logistic Systems

  • Bufferstock

  • Track & Trace

Strong Representative for the Supplier

  • Solid financial background

  • One-stop-shop model

  • Independent

  • No line-conflics

Strong Local Presence

  • Extensive local network via resellers

  • Access to key resources

Quality First Approach

  • Long-term commitment focus

  • Reliable partner  

Contact us for more detailed information:

+31 499 371007 (NL) 

+49 2157 128990 (DE)